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    Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from Universidad de Chile´s Law School (1992) and Master of Laws (LLM) from Harvard University (1996).


    He works as an attorney-at-law in criminal, civil and commercial areas. Founding partner of Harasic y López (1995-2017).
    In the educational area, he is an associated teacher at the Department of Procedural Law of the School of Law of Universidad de Chile, where he was appointed by public examination in 1998.
    He has worked as a graduate teacher in Civil Procedural Law (1989-1998) and as a graduate and post-graduate teacher in Professional Ethics (since 1997); in Criminal Procedural Law (since 2000); and Oral Criminal Proceedings (since 2004).
    In areas connected to the criminal procedural reform, he has attended as a teacher to various seminars, training courses and certificates aimed for judges, prosecutors and criminal public defendants (since 2000).
    He is the author of many articles in the areas he develops his work, such as "Chilean Criminal Procedural Law" he wrote together with Prof. María Inés Horvitz (Editorial Jurídica de Chile, Book I, 2002; Book 2, 2004). He was appointed as member of the Presidential Advisory Commission to prepare a bill on Improvement of the Criminal Legal System (2012) and has advised the Constitutional, Law, Justice and Rules of the Senate Commission several times in the proceedings for bills about criminal procedural law.
    He is the founding partner of the Association for Public Liberties, where he acted as a director from 1997 to 2010.
    He is currently a Counselor of the General Council of the Chilean Bar Association A.G., appointed two times by his colleagues (periods 2009-2013 and 2015-2019).
    He currently works as Chairman of the Comisión de Ética de la Orden (Ethics Commission of the Order).
    Languages: Spanish and English.