We provide advice in connection to negotiations oriented to the prevention of conflicts and to legal defense of our clients' interests, in areas such as:



    Our firm frequently works with single-member or bodies of arbitral tribunals, both before arbitrators appointed by ordinary courts, and by institutional arbitrators. We have also worked in moderating and arbitral commissions in connection to the Chilean Law on Concessions of Public Works. Also, three of our partners have worked as arbitrators and one is a member of the Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Centre of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CAM).

    Criminal Proceedings


    We strongly work as defense attorneys and complainants in criminal cases on economic and tax crimes, infringements to the Chilean Law on Securities Market, criminal responsibility of bodies corporate, technological and environmental crimes, crimes against privacy, integrity, sexual crimes and responsibility for negligent acts, among others.


    Civil and Commercial Proceedings

    We have great experience in the representation of proprietary interests before the courts in matters of civil and commercial litigation. We have been part of numerous corporate and contractual conflicts destined to gain compensations or annulments of legal acts. Also, in connection to property, we have acted as representatives and defendants of many actions for recovery or possession, and have intervened in disputes on waiver of responsibility. As regards torts, we have worked in many cases arising from accidents, frauds and infringement of fundamental rights.

    Administrative Proceedings

    We have carried out different proceedings facing controversies before the State Administration, including Municipalities, through seeking legal protection, claiming illegal acts before the National Comptroller General, claiming fines, acting before the courts of public hiring and claims based in the Law on Transparency. In addition, we have represented the interests of individuals in summary administrative proceedings, in procedures to annul administrative acts and in sanctioning administrative proceedings.

    Construction Proceedings


    We have acted on behalf of principals and contracting companies in controversies related to DBB construction contracts and EPC contracts, for a lump sum as well as for a series of fixed prices. Our firm has also been involved in cases of constructions of wine cellars or great engineering works for the mining industry, among others, in connection to defects in the construction, engineering and architectural defects, delays in the performance of works, concurrent delays and latent defects in the land.

    Stock Markets


    Our firm is experienced in sanctioning procedures carried out by the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS for its acronym in Spanish) due to use of inside information, undue use of custody, manipulation of the price of shares and securities, and infringement to the laws on Stock Market and Corporations. In addition, we have acted representing individuals that face penalties established by the SVS, by means of actions to claim fines and illegality actions. In the criminal area, our firm has been part in cases of execution of simulated transactions, disclosure of false information to the market and price manipulation.

    Constitutional Proceedings

    Our firm has acted on behalf of both natural persons as well as bodies corporate seeking protection of fundamental rights, actions for protection of constitutional rights and economic protection. In addition, we have represented parties seeking claims in connection to expropriation. We have also acted before the Constitutional Court in appeals for inapplicability of the law.